How is Twisted Bristle + Beauty Different?

At Twisted Bristle + Beauty, we have gone to great lengths to provide our customers with products made to the highest standards, with the finest ingredients and formulations, backed by science and research.  We are looking for results here – first and foremost.  Our products are scientifically formulated without substances deemed potentially harmful and are cruelty free.


High-Quality Cosmetic and Beauty Products. At a Great Price.

Since we don’t sell our products in large retail stores, we are able to offer top quality cosmetic, beauty and skincare products at a lower cost. Twisted Bristle + Beauty is direct-to-consumer. This also allows us to be connected and give better service to our customers.

You’ll find that quite a bit of our skin care line is designed to help prevent or slow the aging process.  If you think about it, everything we do to our faces whether using a skin care regimen, or makeup, is all about making us look our best…and aging as gracefully as we can.

Can you actually turn back the clock?  Nope. But there is a lot we can do so that we appear to age more slowly.  No matter how young you are now, there are things you can do to stay looking your best for as long as you can. We’re all going to age, but let’s TWIST that idea around, and see how gracefully and slowly we can do it.


Beauty Comes From Within. Feel Great in Your Own Skin.

Twisted Bristle+Beauty is about BEAUTY. You’ve heard “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which means everybody sees it differently.  People have always tried to nail down what beauty really is.  The ancient Greeks put it this way: beauty is inside the object (or person), “The beauty within an object is it’s pure and ideal beauty.”  So Twisted Bristle+Beauty is all about helping people bring out their inner beauty.  We want to help you look your best at every stage of maturity as a reflection of that inner beauty.

Our products are meant for everybody.  Working to keep our outside looking good can help us express the beautiful inner parts of ourselves.  When we feel better about ourselves, it’s easier to recognize the humanity of everybody else, and easier to see their beauty as well.  We think it’s important to treat all people as PEOPLE, with kindness and respect. Everybody is different, but underneath, we are all people.

Short Note From Our Founder, Alex Sorenson

I’ve had a passion for skin and hair care since I was a little girl. I remember playing with my Mom’s skincare products and makeup.  By the time I was in high school, I was applying makeup to local celebrities, fitness models and executive women. Now I’m pursuing an aesthetics license, and degrees in business and psychology.  My passion is to help people realize their beauty, both inner and outer.

Growing up I learned from an entrepreneurial family that it’s possible to forge your own path, to go out and create something and share it with others.  That’s the impetus behind this business.

Not finding just the right line of products in the market, I set out to create it.

Watch the blog pages here where we’ll continue to provide you with useful and informative articles on products, as well as the technology and science of beauty.